The U.S. and its ‘wretched’ support of Iraq

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By Fatih Abdulsalam

Azzaman, August 14, 2014

What has the newly appointed government done for it to garner such support the world over in the forefront of which the United States?

The government is not yet a reality. Its head has just been nominated. Nonetheless and despite the fact that we still know very little about it, there has been euphoric welcome from all over the world.

The happiness the world has expressed so far over the nomination of Hayder al-Abadi as the new prime minister is incredible.

But does not this unprecedented glee bring to mind the massive joy that swept across the country in the wake of U.S. invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein?

If some people think that the pouring of U.S. support for the newly appointed premier is the key to usher in a bright future, they may be proven wrong. In fact there is more reason to worry than celebrate.

Washington has already given the ruling governments in Iraq huge backing in all fields. The type of support Iraq has received from the U.S. would have made Djibouti a rival of Paris.

But the support went to the wrong place and the wrong people and was doled out in the worst manner one can imagine.

It resulted in the formation of murderous militias, divisive polices with factions more reliant on foreigner powers than their own countrymen.

The outcome is the emergence of a state within a state and recently the birth of a new one whose militants with their pick-up trucks laden with foreign fighters and weapons established a Caliphate on large swathes of Iraqi territory.

Today the priorities are so much different. The new government, any government, will have to face the problems of internally displaced Iraqis, who are in hundreds of thousands.

There is the issue of security and Iraqis simply can no longer get it even when they flee from one province to another.

The support the U.S. is bragging about and which it says it is going to offer the new government is nothing but fallacy.

The political process which the U.S. established in Iraq and did all it could to support it has bred nothing but corruption, crime and displacement of millions of Iraqis.

Iraqis have learned the lesson and cannot be duped forever.