Iraq airdrops food supplies to towns besieged by Islamic State militants

By Nourideen Hameed

Azzaman, January 25, 2015

Iraq has resumed airdrops of supplies to the towns of Haditha and Baghdadi currently under siege by Islamic State militants.

The two towns, in the restive Province of Anbar, have been encircled for months and Iraqi troops’ attempts to break their siege have all but failed.

But despite the siege, the citizens of both towns have repelled numerous attacks by the jihadist group, relying mainly on airdrops of weapons and supplies by the governmnet.

The government has set up a relief agency to alleviate suffering of towns and villages still besieged by the Islamic State.

The agency’s head Khalid al-Rawi said planes were flying to Haditha and Baghdadiya four times a week.

“We have established an air-bridge with four scheduled flights a week, ferrying food and medical supplies and items to house those displaced by fighting,” said Rawi. “The agency strives to reach all the besieged towns and villages across the country.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Haider Abadi, said Iraqi troops were making progress in Anbar but the ousting of the jihadist group from the province “may take months while its defeat may take a long time.”