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إذا كنت غير راضية عن النتائج، يرجى القيام بالبحث مرة أخرى

Shiite cleric Sistani condemns looting of property

By Ali Latif Azzaman, January 6, 2015 Iraq’s most senior Shiite cleric has issued a decree banning looting of property by Iraqi forces and popular militias. The decree comes amid reports that the advancing Iraqi security forces expropriate personal belongings of inhabitants of areas they retake from Islamic State militants. The looting has raised fears [...]

2 senior officers assassinated in Baghdad

Azzaman, November 20, 2014 Unidentified gunmen have kidnapped and then killed an Iraqi army officer with the rank of Lt. Gen., sources said. The sources, refusing to be named for security reasons, said the gunmen broke into Lt. Gen. Tajudeen Jaafar’s house in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and took him away. “The gunmen abducted the [...]

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