Shiite cleric Sistani says corruption behind defeat of Iraqi army by Islamic State

Azzaman, November 9, 2014 Iraq’s most senior Shiite cleric has said that corruption in Iraqi army ranks was behind the stunning successes by Islamic State (IS) militants when they marched into Iraq from Syria in June. The accusation was made by a representation of Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani as Iraqi troops aided by U.S. and [...]

Iraqi tribes urged to fight Islamic State as air bombing fails to halt its advance

Azzaman, November 8, 2014 Bombing from the air will not defeat Islamic State (IS) militants, Iraqi parliamentary speaker Salim al-Jibouri said. “Air raids will not end the battle in a decisive way,’ Jibouri said. “We have to rely on our own capabilities to decisively settle the battle on the ground.” Jibouri made the remarks during [...]

Iraq should stop France from flying warplanes over its territory

By Tareq Hareb Azzaman, november 2014 The Iraqi government must prevent French warplanes from using the country’s national airspace. France has done nothing for Iraq and its contribution to the war effort against the Islamic State (IS) is merely a show off. The decision to stop French warplanes from flying over Iraqi territory must be [...]

Iraqi army and Shiite militias fail in attempt to retake Baiji

By Kareem Zair Azzaman, November 5, 2014 A coordinated attack by Iraqi troops and Shiite militias has failed to retake the town of Baiji north of Baghdad, sources said. The sources, refusing to be named, said Islamic State (IS) militants and Sunni tribesmen repelled the attack and inflicting heavy losses. They said the army lost [...]

PM vows to ‘protect’ Christians and ‘release’ those abducted by Baghdad gangs, Iraqi Christian leader says

By Nidhal al-Laithi Azzaman, November 4, 2014 Prime Minister Haider Abadi has promised to do what it takes to defend Christian communities in the country, said Patriarch Louis Sako, the leader of the church in Iraq Sako leads the Chaldean Catholic community, the largest Christian group in the country. He and the heads of other [...]

Sunni tribe calls on Shiite counterparts to come to its defense against Islamic State

By Mazen Abdulhameed Azzaman, November 3, 2014 The Sunni tribe which Islamic State (IS) militants want to annihilate has issued a plea for Shiite tribesmen to defend its areas. IS jihadists kidnapped and then killed more than 300 members of Al-Bu Nimr tribe in the western Province of Anbar. A senior tribal chieftain has even [...]

Iraqi government warming up to Sunni Arabs

By Nooredeen Hameed Azzaman, November 1, 2014 The government of Prime Minister Haider Abadi has opened up a new page in relations with Sunni Arabs who felt marginalized during the term of his predecessor Nouri al-Maliki, said a senior official from the predominantly Sunni Arab Province of Anbar. The emergence of the Islamic State (IS), [...]

Iraq troops foil bid by Islamic State to flood Baghdad

Iraq troops foil bid by Islamic State to flood Baghdad By Sabah al-khalidi Azzaman, October 31, 2014 Iraqi troops have foiled a plan by Islamic State (IS) militants to flood the capital Baghdad in winter, commander of Baghdad Operations General Abdulamir al-Shammari said. Shammari said the militants had already dug up a 20-meter deep and [...]

Islamic State militants terrorize town

By Noor Hameed Azzaman, October 30, 2014 Islamic State (IS) militants are reported to have killed scores of people among them women and children in the town of Hit which they occupied early this month. Residents in Hit speak of a “horrific tragedy” which has afflicted a Sunni Arab tribe whose members opposed IS and [...]

Iraqi MPS reject U.S. plans for military base in Kurdish north

By Shaymaa Adel October 28, 2014 The parliament says U.S. plans for a military base in northern Iraq are unacceptable. The parliamentary Security and Defense Commission has publicly denounce such plans, saying construction of bases for foreign troops in Iraq will lead to the country’s fragmentation. “A step like this will mark the re-occupation of [...]