Iraqi MPS reject U.S. plans for military base in Kurdish north

By Shaymaa Adel October 28, 2014 The parliament says U.S. plans for a military base in northern Iraq are unacceptable. The parliamentary Security and Defense Commission has publicly denounce such plans, saying construction of bases for foreign troops in Iraq will lead to the country’s fragmentation. “A step like this will mark the re-occupation of [...]

Iraqi troops’ morale boosted following retreat of Islamic State militants from district south of Baghdad

By Ali Latif Azzaman, October 27, 2014 Iraqi troops have driven Islamic State militants from the town of Jurf Al Sakhar, located 60 kilometers southwest of Baghdad following nearly three months of ferocious fighting. The militants were thought to be preparing the town of nearly 80,000 inhabitants, most of whom had fled their homes, as [...]

Kidnapping and violent crime return to Baghdad

By Mohammed al-Salehi Azzaman, October 26, 2014 There has been a surge in kidnapping and violent crime in the past few months with Iraqi security forces engaged in ferocious fighting against Islamic State (IS) militants. Abductions became commonplace in Baghdad in the post-U.S. invasion of Iraq, particularly in the years from 2004-2010. But relative calm [...]

Iraq commissions 610-megawatt power plant

By Tamara Abdulrazzaq Azzaman, October 25, 2014 Iraq has commissioned a new unit of a giant power plant in the southern Province of Wasit, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Electricity, Musaib al-Mudaris, said. The unit that has gone on operation experimentally has a capacity of 610 megawatts, Mudaris said, adding that it will soon [...]

Islamic State militants encircle air base as they reinforce control of Anbar Province

By Kareem Zair Azzaman, October 23, 2014 Islamic State (IS) militants have made more gains in the Province of Anbar despite the tough resistance by Iraqi troops, tribesmen and Shiite militias. The militants are reported to have encircled al-Assad airbase, which is the largest in Anbar and mounted several onslaughts to break into the few [...]

Iran’s exports to Iraq to hit $30 billion this year

By Nidhal al-Laithi Azzaman, October 22, 2014 Iran has emerged as a major supplier of commodities, energy and weapons as turbulence on its borders with Turkey, Syria and Jordan has suspended the flow of trade from these countries. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi is visiting Iran, heading a big delegation. Exploring ways of expanding the [...]

Interior minister vows to fight ‘sectarianism’

Azzaman, October 21, 2014 The newly appointed Interior Minister says he is determined to cleansec Iraqi security ranks of ‘sectarian elements’ and build national security organs. Mohammed al-Ghabban won parliament’s approval for the extremely powerful position in Iraq, which is normally occupied by a Muslim Shiite. The ministry Ghabban leads is accused of building security [...]

Iraqi MPs still haggling over 2014 budget

By Abbas al-Baghdadi Azzaman, October 19, 2014 The Iraqi parliament has once again failed to approve 2014 budget as row over allocations for the Kurdish autonomous region and its oil industry and exports intensifies. Following a protracted debate the budget was forwarded back to the cabinet, parliamentary sources said. Iraqi MPs are now supposed to [...]

Iraqi premier to visit Iran in bid to boost trade ties and cooperation in fight against Islamic State

Azzaman, October 18, 2014 Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi is visiting Iran early next week to explore ways to boost trade ties and increase cooperation in fight against Islamic State (IS). The visit to Iran, expected on Monday, will be Abadi’s first to Iran, with which Iraq shares a 1800 kilometer-frontier and several border points [...]

U.S. urged to invest in Iraq’s oil sector

Azzaman, October 17, 2014 U.S. companies are welcome to invest in Iraq’s energy sector with all its divisions, Electricity Minister Qassem al-Fahdawi said. Fahdawi said there were good investment opportunities in various Iraqi provinces particularly in the areas of oil, power and other energy fields. “U.S. firms have great expertise in the area of electricity [...]