90 killed in Iraq violence in one day

By Ali Latif Azzaman, December 17, 2013 At least 90 people were killed in Iraq on Monday in a spade of car bombings and suicide attacks. Most of the attacks targeted Muslim Shiite pilgrims on their way to pay homage to one of their saints in the holy city of Karbala. In one attack targeting(…)

Kurds lash out at Shahristani’s oil policies

By Nidhal al-Laithi Azzaman, December 16, 2013 A senior Kurdish official has strongly criticized Husain al-Shahristani for his insistence on having Kurdish oil development and exports placed under central government control. “Shahristani has no right to administer (Iraq’s) oil wealth on his own,” said Muhsen Saadoun, a Kurdish parliamentarian and a leading official in the(…)

Iraqi Arabs and Kurds and lost opportunities

By Fatih Abdulsalam Azzaman, December 14, 2013 Whenever it is time to prepare for general elections in Iraq, Arab and Kurdish differences are highlighted. The sides differ on numerous issues, most outstanding is the one related to oil exports from the Kurdish region. But this important and crucial file, which should have been solved long(…)

Russia’s Lukoil blamed for delay in bringing giant Iraqi oil field on stream on time

By Shaymaa Adel Azzaman, December 13, 2013 Baghdad has expressed its displeasure and anger at Lukoil’s failure to start pumping oil from a giant field it is developing in southern Iraq on time. Lukoil, which won a contract to develop West Quran 2, was supposed to start commercial production of crude from the field by(…)

984 Iraqis were killed in November

By Mohammed al-Salehi Azzaman, December 12, 2013 The death toll due to the extraordinary bloodshed afflicting Iraq since the start of 2013 is rising and at least 984 Iraqis were killed in November. “Official statistics reveal that there were at least 984 martyrs who lost their life due to daily violent actions that took place(…)

Foreign firms urged to build ‘low-cost’ homes for Iraqis

By Dalya Ahmad Azzaman, December 10, 2013 Baghdad Municipality is offering foreign construction firms contracts to build low-cost homes that are affordable by low-income Iraqis, a statement said. The statement which the municipality issued early this week calls for the construction of up to 700,000 new homes. The statement said 25 foreign firms have so(…)

Iran’s natural gas main source of Iraq’s electricity

By Ali Latif Azzaman, December 9, 2013 Iraq is relying more and more on imports of Iranian gas to drive its power plants. As new and gigantic power plants come on stream mainly in the central and southern parts of the country, the need for natural gas is surging while domestic output is plummeting. Isam(…)

Iranian firms urged to invest in southern province

By Basem al-Rikabi Azzaman, December 8, 2013 The southern Province of Missan has turned to Iran for the execution of scores of strategic projects to improve conditions and the quality of public utilities. The provincial council has said it was in contact with major Iranian firms for the execution of 150 projects in the province(…)

Kurds stick to stand on oil exports despite Baghdad’s warning

By Fareed Hassan Azzaman, December 6, 2013 Kurdish authorities have vowed to go ahead with plans to export oil via Turkey despite Baghdad government’s warning of consequences. The head of the Kurdish regional government Nejerwan al-Barzani has said exporting oil produced within the Kurdish region’s three provinces of Arabil, Sulaimaniya and Dahouk was legal and(…)

Why is Iraq among the most corrupt countries in the world?

By Fatih Abdulsalam Azzaman, December 5, 2013 What can Iraqis gather from the findings by the Corruption Perceptions Index released recently and which placed their country in the list of the most corrupt states in the world. The list of the world’s most corrupt countries, according to the index, includes in their running order North(…)

Iraq urges Turkey to halt ‘smuggling’ of oil form Kurdish north

By Shaymaa Adel Azzaman, December 2, 2013 Deputy Prime Minister Husain al-Shahristani has met Turkish ambassador to Baghdad Farouk Qamakjau to discuss the issue of oil smuggling to Turkey from the Kurdish north. They reviewed “ways to boost bilateral relations and how to solve the issue of oil smuggling via Turkish frontier,” said a government(…)

Who poses more danger to Saudi Arabia: Qatar or cross border militias?

By Fatih Abdulsalam Azzaman, November 29, 2013 Hours after the tripartite Saudi, Qatari and Kuwait summit, the media carried a rare statement from a Saudi official telling the world that Saudi Arabia was strongly critical of Qatar’s policies and its meddling in the affairs of Egypt and Yemen. This means Kuwait’s efforts to mediate between(…)

Iran says Iraq stealing its ‘traditional’ oil markets

By Shaymaa Adel Azzaman, November 28, 2013 Iran has openly expressed its displeasure over what it said were Iraq’s relentless moves to replace its absence from oil markets due to international sanctions. The sparring has strained relations between the countries energy sectors with Iran’s Oil Minister Beijan Nimdar Zankana describing Iraq’s moves to diversify its(…)

Iran to supply power plants in southern Iraq with natural gas

By Israa al-Qaisi Azzaman, October 26, 2013 The Province of Basra has signed an agreement with Iran for the supply of natural gas for three major power plants in the south. Under the agreement Iran will construct a line for the transfer of gas that will extend to the three plants. “The line is expected(…)

Kurds export oil via fuel trucks; Baghdad warns of consequences

By Shaymaa Adel Azzaman, November 25, 2013 It has emerged that Iraqi Kurds are exporting their oil to Turkey relying on a fleet of fuel trucks, the Ministry of Oil said. The Ministry’s spokesperson Asem Jihad, who made the remarks over the weekend, gave no details of the volume of Kurdish exports but warned that(…)

Iraq aims at 10% growth in coming five years

By Mohammed al-Salehi Azzaman, November 23, 2013 Iraq’s five-year plan calls for 9% growth in GDP and a doubling of per capita income, said Deputy Prime Minister Husain Shahristani. Shahristani made the remarks to the participants in the Fourth International Conference of Arab Statisticians currently held in Baghdad. Iraq’s five-year plan stretches from 2013 to(…)

Iraq’s efforts to boost oil output go asunder, says ex-oil minister

By Nidhal al-Laithi Azzaman, November 21, 2013 Iraq’s Oil Ministry has failed to honor commitments to handle expect hikes in the country’s oil production, said ex-oil minister Isam Jalabi. Jalabi said the ministry has committed “numerous mistakes” in its policies to develop oil fields, increase production, build the necessary infrastructure and stop the flaring of(…)

50,000 Iraqi soldiers still missing from Iraq-Iran war

By Dalya Ahmad Azzaman, November 19, 2013 Search is going on for 50,000 Iraqi soldiers registered missing in action during the Iraq-Iran war that continued from 1980 to 1988, the Ministry of Human Rights said. “The ministry is pressing ahead with its search for 50,000 persons who were reported missing in action during the Iraq-Iran(…)

Women suicide bombers arrested

By Ali Latif Azzaman, November 18, 2013 Anti-terror squads have seized several vehicles laden with explosives with women drivers on their way to target sites in the capital Baghdad. “The vehicles were reshaped. Women were used as drivers in order not to raise suspicion at checkpoints,” said a security source on condition of anonymity. The(…)

70,000 Iraqi refugees in Syria return home

By Khaula al-Ukaili Azzaman, November 17, 2013 Tens of thousands of Iraqis who had taken Syria as a refuge have returned home in the past two years, the Iraqi Red Crescent said. Before descending into violence, Syria was a haven for Iraqis escaping violence in their own country. It was reported that more than 1(…)