Islamic State transports 1 million tons of Iraqi grain to Syria

By Salam Abdulshammari Azzaman, December 1, 2014 The Islamic State controls Iraq’s bread basket and has been emptying its silos and moving food and grains to Syria, according to Agriculture Minister Falah al-Zaidan. “The organization of Daeesh (the local appellation for the Islamic State) has transported about one million tons of wheat and barley from [...]

Baghdad’s untreated sewage water dumped in Tigris River

By Dalya Ahmed Azzaman, November 30, 2014 Baghdad municipality dumps more than 1 million cubic meters of untreated water into the Tigris River every day, Environment Minister Qutaiba al-Jibouri said. Jibouri said the huge volume of sewage that runs into the river has grave health consequences and has polluted the Tigris “We hold Baghdad Municipality [...]

Deal with Kurds on oil exports and budget falls short of solving outstanding issues, Iraqi minister says

Azzaman, November 29, 2014 The deal signed with Kurds on oil exports and budget is only a temporary measure and falls short of addressing outstanding issues, according to Minister of Higher Education Hussein Shahristani. Shahristani, a former oil minister and deputy prime minister, has been at the forefront of Iraqi opposition to Kurdish attempts to [...]

Iranian Muslims march for Shiites’ holiest festival

By Salah al-Rubai Azzaman, November 28, 2014 Hundreds of thousands of Iranian pilgrims are expected to march to Iraq’s Shiite shrines to commemorate the holy day called the festival of Arbaeeniya. Nearly 700,000 Iranians will pour into Iraq next week to join millions of Iraqi pilgrims and others from different countries to mark the death [...]

Islamic State mounts attack on oil-rich city in north

By Ali Latif Azzaman, November 27, 2014 Islamic State militants have mounted a fresh attack on Kirkuk the latest daring onslaught on the oil-rich city. The attack targeted areas south of the city and the militants were reported to have occupied a power-station, plunging Kirkuk into darkness. But Kurdish militias defending the city say the [...]

Syrian plane lands in Iraq’s Najaf

By Saadoun al-Jabiri Azzaman, November 25, 2014 A Syrian plane has landed in the religious city of Najaf, for the first time in three years, the head of Najaf International Airport said. Murtadha al-Mawsawi said the airport would be receiving two scheduled flights from Syria per week. “The airport has received the first flight by [...]

Up to 30,000 Iraqis jailed in the past few months

By Mohammed al-Salihi The number of Iraqis detained temporarily without trial amounts to 26,590 people in the months that have seen an upsurge in violence and the rise of the Islamic State in the country, according to Madhat al-Mahmoud, chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council. Mahmoud said in the same period 12,585 people were set [...]

Parliament to pass new oil law to reach long-term solutions to row over oil exports and royalties

By Abbas al-Baghdadi Azzaman, November 23, 2014 The Iraqi parliament has on its agenda the approval of a new draft oil law that will hopefully put in place long-term solutions to differences over distribution of oil wealth particularly with the Kurdish autonomous region. Officially called “Oil and Gas Law,” the draft legislation has been shelved [...]

Islamic State turns wrath on Sunnis

Azzaman, November 2014 Islamic State (IS) militants are Muslim Sunnis who are supposed to fight a ‘holy war’ against Shiite Muslims and other groups they see as infidels. But it seems there are no bounds to the Jihadist group’s reign of terror. IS’s machine of slaughter now does not spare Arab Sunnis opposing it. The [...]

2 senior officers assassinated in Baghdad

Azzaman, November 20, 2014 Unidentified gunmen have kidnapped and then killed an Iraqi army officer with the rank of Lt. Gen., sources said. The sources, refusing to be named for security reasons, said the gunmen broke into Lt. Gen. Tajudeen Jaafar’s house in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and took him away. “The gunmen abducted the [...]