Iraq to invest $500 billion in energy sector

By Shaymaa Adel Azzaman, October 7, 2012 Iraq’s development plan calls for investing $500 billion in the energy sector, according to Deputy Prime Minister Hussein Shahristani. Shahristani, who oversees the country’s energy sector, did not mention the duration of time during which the massive sum is to be invested, but said developing the sector would(…)

U.S. stole archives and refuses to return them to Iraq

By Shaymaa Adel Azzaman, October 6, 2010 U.S. occupation troops had stolen more than 20,000 documents and their government now refuses to hand them over to Iraq, the head of Iraqi National Archives Saad Iskander said. Iskander, in a telephone interview with the newspaper, said the Iraqi Jewish archives were among the treasures U.S. troops(…)

Turkey seems powerless in face external conflicts

By Fatih Abdulsalam Azzaman, October 4, 2012 Turkey is in a position that no one can envy. Everything turns upside down in front of its eyes  but still it can do nothing apart from raising slogans or expressing wishes. All the files, which Turkey has wanted to use for its own benefits, have turned against(…)

Iranian contractors building $450 million gas pipeline to Iraq

Azzaman, October 2, 2012 Iranian local contractors are constructing a pipeline that will ship 25 million cubic meters per day of Iran’s natural gas to Iraq. It is one of the biggest gas pipeline projects the Iranians are carrying out on their own despite crippling trade sanctions, particular on the oil sector, imposed by U.S.(…)

New Assyrian site uncovered in Iraq’s Arbil

By Fareed Hassan Azzaman, October 1, 2012 Foreign archaeologists working in northern Iraq have unearthed a new Assyrian site in the vicinity of the Arbil Citadel, the head of the antiquities office in the Kurdish Province of Arbil Haydar Hassan said. Hassan said the scientists through special soundings have come across three layers the oldest(…)

Iraqi Kurdish leaders spar over form of future administration

By Nidhal al-Laithi Azzaman, September 30, 2012 Top Kurdish leaders are in disagreement over what type of administration their semi-independent Kurdish region should have in the future, according to a high-ranking Kurdish official. The official, Mahmoud Othman, said both Jalal Talabani, the Iraqi President and Massoud Barzani, the head of the Kurdish region, think differently(…)

A world war is raging in Syria

By Fatih Abdulsalam Azzaman, September 29, 2012 The peaceful struggle for freedom in Syria has turnd into full-scale war. This has become a big headline and there is no one who could ever challenge it or hide it  including the regime in Syria itself. Alongside this war, battles by intelligence agencies, weapons traders, battles launched(…)

$125 million for 182 school buildings in four Iraqi provinces

By Khaula al-Aukaili Azzaman, September 27, 2012 The Ministry of Education has allocated  $125 million for the construction of 182 schools in four Iraq provinces. An Iraqi firm   is constructing the schools to meet demand for the rising student population and ease congestion in current schools. The state-run al-Simoud Steel Enterprise is building the schools.(…)

Iraqi Kurdish region to produce 1 million barrels of oil in 2015

By Shaymaa Adel Azzaman, September 26, 2012 The future of Iraq’s oil sector has never been as rosy as it is now. Predictions for oil production and exports are promising and the country is on its way to turn into world’s number one exporter. A few years ago, the Iraqi Kurdish region was barren as(…)

UNESCO to ‘save’ Iraq’s leaning minaret

By Sami Elias Azzaman, September 25, 2012 The U.N.’s cultural agency, UNESCO, has agreed to repair Iraq’s tilting minaret known as al-Hadba, an official in the Province of Nineveh said. The minaret, one of Iraq’s major attractions, is situated in the northern city of Mosul, the capital of Nineveh Province. Built more than 800 years(…)

Iraq refurbishes Ur in hope of Papal visit

By Basem al-Rikabi Azzaman, September 24, 2012 Iraq is tidying up the remains of the ancient city of Ur in hope of a proposed visit by Pope Benedict XVI. The Antiquities Inspectorate in the Province of Dhi Qar of which Naisiyra is the capital says it has started restoration activities in Ur. Ur, the metropolitan(…)

Five-year plan to eradicate poverty in Iraq

Azzaman, September 23, 2012 Iraq has drawn a five-year development plan to eradicate poverty, diversify economic resources, and lessen reliance on oil exports as the major source of income, a statement by the Ministry of Planning said. The plan will be launched in 2013 and the country is expected to invest up to $275 billion(…)

Iraqi exiles in Syria fear for their lives but are afraid to return home

By Zeena Sami Azzaman,  September 22, 2012 Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi refugees in Syria are in danger but cannot return for fear of being questions and imprisoned, according to a legislator who just ended a fact-finding mission to Syria. Hassan Alawi said he met many Iraqi exiles willing to escape violence in Syria but(…)

Iraqi pupils to receive grants and uniforms

By Adel Kadhem Azzama, September 20, 2012 The government says it is working on a new program to lure parents to send their children to school. This year up to five million pupils joined primary schools across the country but officials say more needs to be done to have all children covered by education and(…)

More international airlines arrange direct flights to Iraqi airports

By Fareed Hassan Azzaman, September 19, 2012 More foreign airlines are flying directly to Iraqi airports, an indication the country is slowly returning to normalcy and quiet after years of violence. Major airlines have scheduled flights to Baghdad now and some have added other major Iraqi cities to their destinations. The busiest Iraqi airports are(…)

Scores of artifacts stolen from museum in southern Iraq

By Basem Hussein Azzaman, September 18, 2012 Burglars broke into the Nebuchadnezzar Museum in the southern city of Hilla, removing 33 pieces, an Antiquities Department official said. The official, refusing to be named, said the burglars chose the finest artifacts in the museum, which houses artifacts recovered from ancient Babylon, situated a few kilometers north(…)

Iraq has world’s largest sulfur reserves

By Khaula al-Aukaili Azzaman, September 17, 2012 Iraq has the world’s largest sulfur reserves estimated at 600 million tons, a statement by the Mishraq State Sulfur Mine said. Iraqi sulfur riches were extensively developed in the decades before the U.N. imposed sanctions on the country in the aftermath of the 1990 invasion of Kuwait. Exports(…)

Pope’s Lebanon visit: It is historic but too late

By Fatih Abdulsalam Azzaman, September 15, 2012 The visit by Pope Benedict XVI to Lebanon is historic and bridges what can be described as a deadly vacuum.  But it has come too late in its timing after the suffering and grievances of Christian denominations in Iraq, the heart of the bleeding East. Here we are(…)

Cement firm’s output surges but there are no buyers

By Adel Kadhem Azzaman, September 15, 2012 An Iraqi cement plant has stockpiles of nearly $50 million worth of cement but can find no buyers in Iraq. The Southern Cement Factory says its warehouses are full and it may halt production due to lack of interest in its output. The factory is self-reliant and is(…)

Iraq may expel U.S. oil majors cooperating with Kurds

By Zeena Sami Azzaman, September 12, 2012 Iraq is considering the expulsion of U.S. oil firms refusing to suspend their activities in its Kurdish region, Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussein al-Shahristani has been reported as saying. Local newspapers said Shahristani, who leads the current rise of the country as a major oil exporter(…)