Southern province allocates $250 million for construction of power plant

Azzaman, April 24, 2012 The impoverished Province of Missan has earmarked 250 billion Iraqi dinars (approx. $250) for the construction of a new power plant. The plant is the largest to be built in Missan of which Amara is the provincial capital. Missan is the site of some of Iraq’s most prolific oil fields. It [...]

Iraq to boost oil exports to 6 million barrels a day by end of 2013

By Adel Kadhem Azzaman, April 23, 2012 Iraq says its current oil development schemes should see its oil exports rise to six million barrels a day by the end of 2013, Oil Ministry spokesperson Asem Jihad said. Jihad made the remarks as Iraq inaugurates a second export platform on the head of the Gulf on [...]

New housing projects for Baghdad

By Ali Shattab Azzaman, April 22, 2012 The Baghdad Municipality is offering contracts for the constructions of more than 350,000 residential units in the capital and its suburbs. A statement by the municipality says land, designs and licenses are ready for investors and contractors willing to have a stake in the building of what should [...]

Iraqi Kurds announce new oil discovery

By Siri al-Rawi Azzaman, April 19, 2012 Iraqi Kurds say they have struck a new oil find at the disputed district of Shaikhan, north of the city of Mosul. The discovery of reserves of up to 917 million barrels in an area close to Mosul, which is the capital of the Province of Nineveh, is [...]

Qaeda leader suicide bombs himself and family in Iraq

By Hussein al-Yaaqoubi Azzaman, April 18, 2012 An al-Qaeda leader has suicide bombed himself, his wife and two children following a skirmish with the Iraqi troops, an Iraqi official said. Ahmad al-Zarkoushi, the administrative director of al-Saadiya district, said two explosive belts were blown up simultaneously as the troops were about to storm the Qaeda [...]

Central Bank fails to stem Iraqi dinar’s weakening vis-à-vis the dollar

By Zeena Sami Azzaman, April 17, 2012 Despite the sale of hundreds of millions of dollars in the past few weeks, the Iraqi Central Bank has failed to stall the dinar from depreciating. The dinar has lost about 11 percent of its value against the greenback in the past few months, falling to 1300 from [...]

Deputy Premier warns against attempts to meddle in Iraqi Central Bank’s affairs

By Khayoun Saleh Azzaman, April 16, 2012 Iraqi Central Bank coffers are reported to be brimming with hard cash, and senior officials say they are concerned about its independence. The central bank has rarely been an independent entity in Iraq particularly under the former regime of President Saddam Hussein. But with the overthrow of the [...]

Number of casualties is best measure to assess Annan’s mission

By Fatih Abdulsalam Azzaman, April 14, 2012 One of the best measures to assess whether the peace plan proposed by Arab League and U.N. envoy Kofi Annan is to count the number of casualties from the time it went into force. The number of the deaths that will be reported will automatically be added to [...]

Drilling new wells boosts oil output in Iraq’s Missan

By Majid al-Baldawi Azzaman, April 11, 2012 Missan, one of Iraq’s most impoverished provinces, hopes to improve its crumbling infrastructure by producing more oil. The province, of which the city of Amarra is the capital, has produced more than 3.5 million barrels last month and the volume is expected to surge soon, according to Ali [...]

More Iranian pilgrims to visit Iraq’s holy shrines

By Saadoun al-Jaberi Azzaman, April 10, 2012 There will a significant increase in the number of Iranian pilgrims paying homage to holy shrines in Iraq, the Iranian envoy in the religious city of Najaf was reported as saying. Currently, 4,000 Iranian pilgrims visit the shrines every day but the envoy said the number will soon [...]