Polish firm to revamp low-income neighborhoods in Iraq’s Kut

By Ali Fayadh Azzaman, April 8, 2012 A Polish firm has won a $30 million contract to restore and renovate low-income neighborhoods in the southern city of Kut. Kut is the capital of the Province of Wasit and like other major southern cities in Iraq it is in urgent need of reconstruction. To prevent corruption [...]

Iraq’s Najaf lures $7 billion in foreign investments

By Saadoun al-Jabiri Azzaman, April 8, 2012 The religious city of Najaf has turned into a hub for foreign investments mainly in areas of housing and tourism as numbers of foreign pilgrims to the city surge. “Najaf has attracted massive sums of hard cash estimated at $7 billion to be invested in sectors such as [...]

12 bodies found under tiles of a Baghdad house

By Laith Jawad Azzaman, April 7, 2012 The police have recovered 12 bodies buried under the tiles of a house in the Shabab neighborhood of Baghdad. The story of the newly uncovered corpses has reminded many in the Iraqi capital of the violent days at the height of the sectarian strife. The judicial authorities have [...]

New housing project for Iraq’s Baquba

By Hussain al-Yaaqoubi   Azzaman, April 3, 2012   The government has approved a new housing project for the once restive Province of Diyala of which Baquba is the capital, said Maan Hatim, head of the provincial housing department.   Hatim said the Ministry of Housing and Reconstruction has allocated 40 billion Iraqi dinars, about [...]

Iraq plans to boost wheat produce to 4.5 million tons

By Ali Shattab   Azzaman, April 2, 2012   Iraq says its agricultural development plan calls for the production of 4.5 million tons of wheat and substantial hikes in other cereals, said Agriculture Ministry Undersecretary Ghazi al-Aboudi.   Aboudi said the ministry was introducing “new irrigation techniques” that will lessen farmers dependence on erratic rainfall. [...]

Kurds resume shipping oil for export following payment of foreign company dues by Baghdad

By Ali Al-Yasseri   Azzaman, March 31, 2012   The threat by Kurds to halt shipping their oil via national pipelines for export has prompted the Iraqi government to pay $650 to foreign firms working in their semi-independent region.   The Kurds had signed several deals with foreign firms for the development of oil fields in [...]