Southern province to turn into major oil producer in Iraq

  By Majid al-Baldawi Azzaman, July 23, 2012 The southern Province of Missan, among the most impoverished in Iraq’s 18 provinces, is to produce half a million barrels of oil in three years, said Deputy Prime Minister Hussein al-Shahristani. The remarks by Shahristani, who oversees the country’s energy sector, were made as he inaugurated the [...]

Iraqi refugees in Syria blame Syrian rebels for their plight

By Sarri al-Rawi Azzaman, July 21, 2012 Iraqi refugees in Syria say Syrian rebels have been targeting them on sectarian grounds as conditions in Syria are worsening by every passing day. Thousands of Iraqis have returned home and there are reports of at least 23 Iraqi refugees killed since the latest bout of fighting in [...]

How to explain what is happening in Syria

By Fatih Abdusalam Azzaman, July 20, 2012 The latest developments in Syria might have come as a shock to many observers, particularly the explosion that claimed the lives of three of the most senior of the country’s military and security officials among them the defense minister Despite the incredible magnitude and impact of the recent [...]

Iraqi plans to circumvent closure of the Strait of Hormuz

By Khayoun Saleh Azzaman, July 19, 2012 Iraq is better positioned than other oil-rich Gulf states to quickly compensate for the loss in oil exports in case hostilities in the region lead to the closure of the Strait of Hormuz, an Iraqi oil expert said. Haleem Kadhem, who for long has been consulting the Oil [...]

Ministry to build $242 million housing complex for employees

By Nishoor Ali Azzaman, July 17, 2012 The Ministry of Science and Technology has signed a contract with a foreign firm for the construction of 2700 new houses for its employees, according to the minister Abdulkareem al-Samarraai The complex is one of numerous housing activities by various Iraqi ministries to build new homes for their [...]

Marked drop in foreign pilgrims to Iraqi shrines

By Mohammed Taher Azzaman, July 15, 2012 The raging violence in Syria and rising tensions over Iran’s nuclear program have led to a substantial drop in the numbers of foreign pilgrims paying homage to Muslim Shiite shrines in Iraq, a senior Tourism and Antiquities Ministry official said. The official, in charge of the ministry’s branch [...]

The Iranian role in Syria’s crisis

By Fatih Abdulsalam Azzaman, July 14, 2012 Delegates from the Syrian opposition are flocking these days to Moscow, whether those willing to deal with the government in Damascus or those rejecting talking to it. There is no doubt that Moscow holds the key for any solution with international backing regarding the Syria crisis and the [...]

Iraqi scenario in the event of Iran closing the Strait of Hormuz

By Shaymaa Adel Azzaman, July 12, 2012 Iraq is calculating its losses if Iran carries out its threats of closing the Strait of Hormuz through which most of the country’s oil exports pass. While Iraqi officials and analysts see the closure of the strait as highly unlikely, the government says it is wise to have [...]

Libyan election results ‘boomerang’ in Syria

By Fatih Abdulsalam Azzaman, July 11, 2012 The victory of the liberal alliance in the first free and democratic elections in Libya are bound to reflect positively on the situation in Syria. The results will probably change convictions of many countries concerning their fears over Syria’s future as it has emerged that Islamist parties are [...]

Fighting in Syria impacts national grid in Iraq

By Shaymaa Adel Azzaman, July 10, 2012 The fighting in Syria which has polarized the Arab and Muslim world is having an adverse impact on electricity supplies in Iraq. A row has erupted between the pre-dominantly Sunni Province of Nineveh and the Shiite-controlled central government in Baghdad over whether Iranian shipments of electricity to Syria [...]