Major Iraqi Shiite group rejects pro-Iran accusations

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By Adel Kadhem

Azzaman, February 10, 2013

A senior leader of one of Iraq’s largest Shiite political parties has denied accusations that the government has placed the country under Iran’s domination.

Human Hamoudi said Iraq was not governed by a single group and it was beyond the power of pro-Iran factions in the government to steer the country according to Iran’s wishes.

“Iraq is administered by a political coalition which includes all political forces as well as social groups. It has a parliament with representatives from all these groups,” he said.

Hamoudi’s remarks came following accusations that the current government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has placed the country under Iran’s control and is currently working for an axis that will include Syria as well as Iran and Iraq.

“Iraq will not be part of any axis in the region and it is in the interest of the country’s political development to be part of such an axis. Iraq is open to all (countries) for equal political, economic and development partnership,” he said.

Hamoudi is an influential leader in the Iraqi Shiite faction known as the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq.  In the latest elections, it won six out of eight Shiite-majority provinces and came first in Baghdad with nearly 40% of the vote. It has one of the largest blocs in the Iraqi parliament with 52 seats.

The council with its military arm the Badr forces were raised in Iran and it is believed it still maintains close links with Tehran