Wealthy Arabs have failed Syrian refugees

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By Fatih Abdulsalam

Azzaman, January 13, 2013

There are hundreds of thousands of refugees who fled violence in Syria seeking refuge in neighboring states. The refugees are vulnerable not only to bad weather conditions but almost all of them cannot make ends meet as the majority of them are women and children.

Some Arab states and many individuals float on oceans of gold, hard cash and untold wealth. But for them, the suffering of the Syrian refugees is merely a soap opera they enjoy watching.

The pictures and videos of the appalling conditions these refugees have found themselves in do not seem to have shaken their conscience.

For these wealthy Arabs it is more rewarding to spend millions of dollars on parties hosting Lebanese female singers on the Arab Gulf coast than extending a helping hand to the hapless refugees.

The Arabs are amazing when it comes to voicing excuses regarding their abhorrence of philanthropy and donation to the poor and the vulnerable even among their ranks. Compare this with wealthy Americans.

When the violence in Syria erupted and hundreds of thousands of people became internally displaced, these Arabs claimed that they could not ferry humanitarian help because Syrian cities were besieged by the Syrian army.

Now that hundreds of thousands of Syrians have fled to neighboring states, one wonders what excuses they can come up with.

What is that prevents these wealthy Arabs from sending in humanitarian aid?

The bad weather conditions and the suffering of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey or Iraq have exposed how indifferent the rich among the Arabs are to human suffering.

Humanitarian aid does not seem to be part of the character of the wealthy among the Arabs whether states or individuals.

Even if they provide minimum help, as they did with the famine in some African states, they do it just to show off.

How come that you shun sending humanitarian aid to the suffering Syrians at a time your media roar day in day out of their tragedy.

Are not the Syrians worthy of your help? Shame on you because their suffering proves that you only care about vice, dissemination and sowing of conflict and coups in response to what world superpowers dictate to you.