Turkish warplanes damage drinking water project in northern Iraq

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By Fareed Hassan

Azzaman, January 3, 2013

Bombing by Turkish warplanes of northern Iraq has interrupted water supplies to more than 200 Kurdish families, a Kurdish official said.

The official,  Ismael Mohammed, said the planes hit a water project and destroyed water pipelines in villages in the Province of Arbil.

“Turkish warplanes have mounted attacks for the past two days on a string of villages,” Mohammed said.

The attacks targeted five villages in northern Iraq, he said.

He said at least 200 families were now without water as a result of the bombing.

Turkish warplanes frequently bomb northern Iraq in pursuit of what they say are hideouts of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party or PKK.

The attacks have recently been harshly criticized by both the Kurdish regional government in Arbil and the federal government in Baghdad as a violation of Iraqi territory.

Turkey relies on a deal with the former regime of Saddam Hussein, which allowed the countries to pursue each other’s Kurdish rebels inside each other’s territory.

The government in Baghdad says it no longer recognized the deal but Ankara insists that it is still valid.