Iraq only producing one third of its electricity needs

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By Nashoor Ali

Azzaman, August 28, 2012

Iraq’s national grid churns about one third the country’s needs for electricity estimated at nearly 15000 megawatts, the Ministry of Electricity said in a statement.

The ministry said Iraq’s current power output was estimated at 5852 megawatts but output was not steady due to unexpected interruptions.

The current level of production, despite investments of billions of dollars, still hovers at rates that were available to Iraqis prior to the 2003-U.S. invasion, and despite the fact that the country then was reeling under punitive U.N. trade sanctions.

The blowing up of a fuel pipeline recently has removed 230 megawatts from the grid, the statement said.

The more than six million people of the Iraqi capital Baghdad enjoy only about nine hours of continuous supply from the national grid a day.

The statement said the grid was being backed by electricity imports from neighboring states mainly Iran.

It said imports of more than 1000 megawatts came from Iraq and 314 additional megawatts were made available by the Kurdish north and ships on the Gulf close to the southern Province of Basra.