A country to let!

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By Fatih Abdulsalam

Azzaman, July 15, 2014

Iraq is being advertised like a property to let.

Syrian and Iranian warplanes are bombing targets inside the country. The bombing is no longer a secret and has been aired on television channels and written about it in the media.

The government in Baghdad has declared since its first communique when it lost control of the Province of Nineveh and then Tikreet that it will use all available means in the battle.

Seeking assistance from foreign air power for the government falls within “all available means.”

Anything that happens in Iraq is spotted by U.S. military surveillance, which must have detected Iranian Revolutionary Guards in civilian clothes crossing the border into Iraq and other Iranian military maneuvers.

But what is surprising is the fact that the U.S. remains tight lipped about the situation as if everything goes on as normal in a turbulent country passing through a real war, in which towns are being bombed by foreign warplanes.

A situation like this turns Iraq into something like a property to let with the tenants doing what they want with it. Iraq has turned from a country under occupation to a country to let.

The problem is what will happen if a country other than Syrian and Iran decided to send in their warplanes in support of a certain group in an area that is outside the control of the government in Baghdad.

Nothing is impossible in a country passing through such extraordinary conditions like Iraq.

If someone says this cannot be true, then the person is still so naïve to believe that everything goes on as normal in Iraq.