ISIS smuggling 100 tanker trucks of oil per day from two Iraqi fields

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By Mazen Abdulmajeed

Azzaman, July 9, 2014

Militants from the Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq and the Levant smuggle 100 tanker trucks from two oil fields they occupied a week ago in northern Iraq, said a government official.

Shallal Abdoul, the administrative officer of the town of Tauz, said the militants were selling each tanker truck for up to $14,000, earning them enough cash to run their armed operations in the area.

Shallal was referring to two oil fields in the area of Hamrin close to the oil refinery in Baiji, which the militants have failed to occupy despite repeated attacks.

“There is organized smuggling of oil from two fields they occupied a week ago,” he said. “They load an average of 100 tanker trucks per day and sell it for a price ranging from $10,000 to $14,000.”

Shallal said ISIS was cooperating with what he described as “special mafia” whose members organized the transport of the trucks and collection of money for the group.

The smuggling of crude from the two fields, according to Shallal, earns ISIS up to $1.4 million per day.

He urged the government to stop the smuggling of crude from the two fields, which he identified as Ujail and Hamrin 2.

“The government must move to provide protection to the oil sector including the fields in the Hamrin area,” he said.