Falluja hospital receives more dead bodies as medical staff come under attack

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By Mohammed al-Salehi

Azzaman, June 5, 2014

More dead bodies and wounded residents have poured into the state-run hospital in Falluja at a time the hospital itself has come under mortar and air attack.

On Wednesday, the hospital received 17 dead bodies from indiscriminate shelling on the town of Falluja, which government troops are trying to purge of militants from Iraq-Jihadist group ISIS.

The hospital spokesperson Ahmad al-Shami told the newspaper that Wednesday saw some of the heaviest shelling of the town since it was occupied by militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant nearly three months ago.

Shami said the hospital was shelled and five medical personnel were injured as a result.

“The hospital received 17 dead bodies and 43 people who were wounded as a result of the shelling among them five medical personnel,” he said.

He said the shelling targeted several areas in the hospital.

”The hospital is cut off from the rest of the world due to failure in its communication systems. Its medical supplies were running out and they are hardly sufficient to treat a few injuries for a few days,” Shami added.

He said the shelling was the heaviest the hospital had seen since the start of fighting over the town.

“The shelling occurred as the medical personnel had gathered to attend to the wounded and receive the dead bodies that were pouring into the hospital,” Shami said.

Many medical doctors and nurses are reported to have fled the hospital, which is currently taken care of by only a fraction of its original medical staff.

It has become extremely difficult refurbish the hospital with supplies and the last consignment that reached it was a last week but Shami said it would only last for a few days.