Iran heavily involved in rehabilitating Iraq’s transport infrastructure

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Azzaman, June 2, 2014

Iranian firms are building bridges, roads and investing heavily in railway infrastructure in Iraq, said Transport Minister Hadi al-Ameri.

Ameri said there was no ceiling or limitation to bilateral cooperation in transport systems and investment in railway infrastructure will bring the countries closer once Iranian firms complete linking their railway lines.

“There is bilateral cooperation between Baghdad and Tehran on all levels,” said Ameri. “Relations with Iran are cordial and we are looking forward to even higher levels of cooperation.”

An example of what Ameri described as “cooperation without limits” was in air transport as Iraqi airspace was now open for Iranian flights.

He said Iraq placed no limit on the number of scheduled Iranian flights into Iraq and the Iranian side has been reciprocating.

“Today, Iraqi air space is open for Iranian airways companies,” Ameri said.

The countries, he added, would now like coaches carrying mainly Iranian pilgrims to Iraqi holy sites passing through international frontier border crossings between the countries without having to stop for routine search.

“Iranian companies in Iraq are implementing transport projects like bridges, railways, roads as well as projects in air travel,” he said. “We are moving ahead with cooperation to cover other areas and an Iranian firm will start building a housing complex for the ministry personnel.”