Iraq and its contradictions

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By Fatih Abdulsalam

Azzaman, May 16, 2014

Today almost everything is mixed in Iraq. One cannot separate between what is private and what is public and what is personal and what is part of government policy. The volume of contradictions is massive in the country.

In today’s Iraq the religious is mingled with the secular, unruly militias are mingled with legitimacy and elections, sectarian divide goes hand in hand with the right to fight terror and those with forged degrees are treated as if their degrees and professions are genuine.

Iraq has unfortunately become a place where dirty water is mixed with potable water and water running from pure streams; the position of prime minister cannot be distinguished from that of the head of a political party; and the one wanted for terror cannot be differentiated from a candidate standing for parliamentary elections.

In our country the ballot box echoes the thud of bombs and mortar shells. In our country geography and history cannot be differentiated. In our country, there is no difference between a turbaned Imam and a military commander.

Everything is chaotic in Iraq, a country that is moving in the wrong direction in terms of tolerance and national reconciliation.

In Iraq there is a fight for chairs and positions in the government and there has never been a struggle to bring the country together and work for the welfare of its people.

When the scene is so chaotic and confused, it becomes almost impossible to address grievances and bring some form of equality between those who are starving and those who are basking in their millions mostly earned illegally.

Sometimes I wonder to myself: Is this part of a plan to ruin my country. Death is everywhere, killings are everywhere and so are assassinations. But I cannot understand why those who have been ruling the country cannot gather their courage and admit their failure and give the chance to others who might be capable of doing something to help.

Iraqi people are not only dying in Falluja, currently the scene of ferocious fighting. They are dying everywhere and no official has ever hinted at bearing the responsibility for what is happening.