Who in Iraq can answer these questions?

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By Fatih Abdulsala

Azzaman, April 27, 2014

As Iraqis head to polls in parliamentary elections, there are so many questions that are left without answers.

Will the elections eventually produce a government that goes about its work in a normal way and moves out of the fortified ‘Green Zone’ in Baghdad?

Will the new government turn its attention to the urgent needs of the population living amid fear and mounting violence?

Or we are going to have a government that says it is legitimate but in reality it is part of sectarian tensions that have been stalking the country for more than a decade.

Any general election should transform the nation and take it to a better position, by providing better public services to the society.

In Iraq, elections start with campaigns and multitudes of posters and rallies that are accompanied with car bombs and assassinations. What will happen when the vote is over, only God knows?

Questions related to current elections are the same which are raised whenever a society seeks alternatives that will take it out of suffering and tragedy.

In Iraq, any alternative on the table is blaming the other and praising oneself.

We can predict what is going to happen once the elections are over.

In the post elections era, the parties will be busy, each claiming victory.

Then, a government will be formed and will include the same faces and no one will have the courage or the chance to hold any one of them to account for their role in ruining the country.

A new government with almost the same faces will be formed without any guarantees that it will do its best to alleviate Iraqis’ suffering and improve public services.

It is a pity that the country has not utilized general elections to form a government that will take the society to the level of a civil, urban and democratic society whose existence is based on foundations of justice, prosperity and welfare, given the wealth and riches Iraq is endowed with.