Who calls the tune for Arab media?

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By Fatih Abdulsalam

Azzaman, April 2, 2014

The proliferation of television channels and media outlets in the Arab world was supposed to give the Arab media some degree of freedom.

But unfortunately they are still the pipers with Arab regimes and governments calling the tunes.

For this reason, the media in the Arab world have failed to make information freely accessible to Arab citizens.

There is no information that is available in the Arab world that goes beyond the framework that is drawn for it by Arab leaders and governments.

Arabs have always been denied the right of free access to information that is directly related to their countries’ economies and policies.

Arab citizens have no alternative but to feed on the news discourse that is designed by their own governments and political parties.

And if there are exceptions they must be very rare because the media in the Arab world are hostages of Arab regimes.

Arab nations know almost nothing about their countries riches and wealth and what is in store for their future generations.

People can be imprisoned, forced to flee, displaced, turned into refugees and sent into forced exile with the media tight-lipped about it.

An Arab king pays an unannounced visit to an Arab president and their peoples are kept in the dark about what goes on in the meeting. The only news the media may carry is that the two leaders reviewed bilateral relations.

They all know how to play the game of deception because they are quite aware that as long as things remain under wrap they are safe and once their own people know about the reality of the situation they are finished.

The media seem to be happy with the situation. They have been groomed to accept what the kitchen of their governments and their leaders cook for them. They play the piper and their governments and leaders call the tune.