Rancor replaced differences in Arab summit in Kuwait

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By Fatih Abdulsalam

Azzaman, March 29, 2014

The scenes from last week’s Arab summit in Kuwait showed Arab leaders to be not only week but in denial of the rudiments that are necessary for the renaissance of any society or nation.

The items on their agenda were related to topics they had no power to deal with, the thing which turned their summit into a burden they could not bear.

Therefore, they were probably extremely happy to see the gathering coming to an end because when attending it or sending someone to represent them, they think they are doing it under duress.

The summit which was supposed to discuss and solve inter-Arab differences ended with Arab countries’ leaders and representatives leaving with each of them harbouring rancorous attitudes towards the other.

What is the point of holding a summit when the leaders or their representatives attending it find no common ground to stand on and no common interest to solve issues on its agenda?

Arab leaders today find no common ground when only two or three of them sit around one table. One wonders why bother and organize a summit for countries which almost have nothing in common.

The Palestinian issue has become a hackneyed and monotonous topic. It is no longer of problem between Palestinians and Israelis. It has turned into a problem dividing Arabs into camps and blocs.

Arab leaders make so many promises to the Palestinians including the setting up of funds to protect the Arab identity of occupied Jerusalem. But none of these promises comes through.

Have not the Arab leaders been harsher and tougher on the besieged Palestinians in Gaza than Israel itself? Did not the Arabs destroys tunnels on Gaza’s borders, which for the Palestinians are a means of livelihood?

Even former President Hosni Mubarak, who was an ally of Israel did not go that far.

A few days ago I was in Amman to attend a conference organized by Arab universities. Chancellors of Gaza universities told me that they were not allowed to pass through Rafah crossing point with Egypt, while Israel permitted them to pass through its checkpoint and travel via its territory to Jordan.

How come that Israel allows representatives from Gaza universities to pass through its check points and travel to Amman via its territory while and Egypt denies them passage?

Arab leaders are not in need of a summit to show off on television screens. They should go and hide in their foxholes and let their people enjoy the rays of the sun.