Iraq death toll tops 1,000 in January

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By Mohammed al-Salehi

Azzaman, February 3, 2014

Casualty figures released by the U.N. mission in Iraq show that more than1,013 Iraqis were killed in January, making it one of the most violent months in the past few months.

At least 795 civilians were killed in January along with 122 soldiers and 96 police officers.

Compared with January last year the toll is three times higher, said the mission.

Worst hit were Baghdad and the provinces in the west and central Iraq.

Iraq is in the midst of a wave of violence with al-Qaeda-linked groups currently in control of strategic cities in the Province of Ramadi and making a strong comeback in other Sunni-dominated provinces like Mosul, Salahudeen and Diyala.

The statistics show that 2024 people were injured among them 1633 civilians, 238 soldiers, 153 police officers and 189 security guards.

“The casualty figures demonstrate the ongoing cycle of violence in Iraq,” the mission said.

It said that more than 140 Iraqis have been displaced as a result of fighting in Falluja and Ramadi.