Don’t cry over Iraq’s disintegration

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By Fatih Abdulsalam

Azzaman, January 3, 2014

Another year has folded of Iraq’s eternal history. I say ‘eternal’ because those trying to obliterate the country from the face of the map will not reach their aims unless they keep sticking to the peels instead of working hard on the core of issues.

Any construction requires maintenance and support as time passes, otherwise it will collapse and vanish.

In Iraq’s case, not only the country itself is tired to exhaustion but every stone, every person, every animal on its soil has suffered so much in the past ten years and to the extent of implosion.

The tragedy is that there is no signal in the horizon for an end to this bloody chapter. There are no alternatives or solutions.

Listen to any Iraqi news bulletin and you will be shocked or disappointed on the scale of violence, killing and suffering. And of course the media cannot cover everything.

We cannot remain victims of statistics recounting the numbers of those killed or injured or reports detailing rampant corruption.

We need statistics on prosperity, economic achievements and imposition of law and order as well as dissemination of a culture of tolerance and reconciliation.

We look forward to seeing a plan for the construction of hospitals across the country. We want to see long-term plans for the building of schools and universities to cater for the needs of the new Iraqi generation.

We have not seen a study on the actual needs for medical school graduates for the next two years, for instance, at a time we all know Iraq is facing a dangerous shortage in medical staff.

We need not remind ourselves that our country used to have one of the best health systems in the world.

We need to define the concept of the modern state we want to establish in light of international experiences in this regard.

The resources to build a new country, a prosperous state, are there, and are already stashed away in the country’s coffers – thanks to oil revenues.

But the availability of resources is not everything as evidenced by Iraq’s living standards which are no better than the poorest countries in the world.

There will be no one to cry over the disintegration or implosion of our country, if the only thing we can do is the brandishing of slogans that reinforce our sectarianism, fundamentalism and backwardness.