Jordan using Iraq as transit for exports to Turkey

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By Adel Kadhem

Azzaman, December 30, 2013

Jordan is using Iraq as a transit route to ship agricultural produce to Turkey, the Ministry of Agriculture said.

“The entrance of Jordanian agricultural products into Iraq is merely for transit purposes so that the goods can be transferred to Turkey,” the ministry’s spokesperson Ali al-Mutair said.

Mutair said Jordanian goods destined to Turkey were not for trade or purchase inside Iraq.

The ministry has banned imports of agricultural products, particularly vegetables and fruits from neighboring states, saying that local produce was plentiful and more than enough to meet domestic consumption.

Mutair said the authorities would monitor vehicles carrying Jordanian goods to Turkey to ensure that “no goods find their way to the Iraqi market.”

Previously the countries used Syria as a transit country for the exchange of goods and trade, but the violence there has forced them to rely on Iraq as a transit route.