Foreign firms urged to build ‘low-cost’ homes for Iraqis

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By Dalya Ahmad

Azzaman, December 10, 2013

Baghdad Municipality is offering foreign construction firms contracts to build low-cost homes that are affordable by low-income Iraqis, a statement said.

The statement which the municipality issued early this week calls for the construction of up to 700,000 new homes.

The statement said 25 foreign firms have so far responded to the municipality’s calls to present “specimens and designs.”

It said the municipality has allocated an area of 10,000 square meters in Baghdad for the firms to build specimen of their low-cost houses.

A team of experts led by Prime Minister Noori al-Maliki will decide which samples are suitable for Iraqi conditions and are within reach of poor Iraqi families.

The area of each house will be 150 square meters with maximum 60 per cent of it for residence.

The statement said 50,000 low-cost homes will be built in Baghdad an up to 700,000 in the provinces.

The statement gave no details of costs and schedules, but Iraq is facing a chronic housing shortage with needs estimated at two million units.