Iraqis enjoy almost continuous power supply after years of blackouts

By Khayoun Saleh Azzaman, October 31, 2012 For the first time since the 2003-U.S. invasion, Iraqis had a short respite from power shortages amid reports that an end to blackouts is soon to come. Over the Muslim Eid of al-Adha, during which consumption of power soars, the more than six million people of Baghdad enjoyed [...]

Secretive Iraqi minority bears brunt of sectarian violence

Azzaman, October 29, 2012 You are unwanted in Iraq if you belong to a minority. But one could even be cursed if they were part of a secretive community like Shabaks. The Shabaks are ethnically and religiously abhorred by other communities and they have been target not only of anger but persecution of the powerful [...]

Iraqi police storm Central Bank; arrest 36 officials

By Sabah al-Khalidi The Interior Ministry says its forces have stormed Central Bank building in Baghdad and arrested 36 officials on suspicion of corruption. “A security force belonging to the ministry implemented an arrest warrant issued by the judicial council against a numerous officials of the Central Bank without any problem,” the ministry said in [...]

Syrian Kurds receive military training in Kurdish region

By Khaula al-Ukaili Azzaman, October 23, 2012 Iraqi Kurds have provided military training to Syrian Kurdish rebels in the months since the start of the Syrian rebellion in March 2011, according to a senior Iraqi Kurdish official. The official, Mohammed Othman, claimed the training covered the Syrian Kurds who had left their areas and sought [...]

Scores of antiquities seized; smugglers arrested

By Basem al-Rilabi Azzaman, October 22, 2012 Iraqi police have confiscated scores of artifacts and arrested two smugglers in the southern Province of Dhiqar. The pieces include statues and coins from different periods of Iraq’s ancient history. “Interior Ministry forces in coordination with the Iraqi army seized 64 archaeological pieces as well as 114 bronze [...]

Sharp drop in number of Iranian pilgrims visiting Iraq

By Mohammed Dhaher Azzaman, October 21, 2012 Western sanctions on Iran are having adverse impact on Iraq’s economy, according to Tareq al-Khaikani, the head of the economic commission for the southern Province of Karbala. Khaikani’s remarks are the first admission that the sanctions bite into Iraq’s economy. He was particularly referring to religious tourism, the [...]

‘Daydreaming’ about peace in Syria

By Fatih Abdulsalam Azzaman, October 18, 2012 Everybody yearns for peace in Syria. But peace cannot be achieve through prayers by the Pope, the pleading of an Imam or the wishes of a politician. A ruinous war is going and it seems it is difficult to imagine peace without score-settling. The destruction and casualties are [...]

More perks for Iraqi university faculty

By Adel Jaber Azzaman, October 17, 2012 The government has increased benefits and perks of university faculties to make them comparable to neighboring states. In light of the new regulations, university faculty with academic titles of professor or assistant professor are entitled to keep their positions five years after the official retirement age of 65. [...]

Saudi Arabia sending money to its detainees in Iraq

Azzaman, October 16, 2012 The Saudi authorities, in coordination with the Iraqi government, are sending money to their detainees in Iraq, a Saudi envoy said. The envoy Hamad al-Hajiri said there were 66 Saudi citizens in Iraqi jails. Six of them have been sentenced to death on charges of terrorism. However, none has been executed [...]

Commission orders arrest of Iraqi Central Bank Governor on corruption charges

By Kareem Abedzair Azzaman, October 15, 2012 In a surprise move, the Commission of Integrity has ordered the arrest of Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi, his deputy Mudher Aref and 15 other officials, the Central Bank has revealed. The commission says the arrest orders come following its investigations which have shown that the governor, his [...]